Braced with one heart, work hard and strive for the future | Oceanworld 2023 opening Gala has come to a successful conclusion

Column:Company News Time:2023-03-16
From trust, loyalty to win-win.Keep up, the future can be.Across the mountains and seas, finally see the dawn.The vast stars, battle and voyage.

Braced with one heart, we will work hard and strive for the future



Opening party


  • 13: 00  Westin Conference Hall 

  • 13:30  The meeting begins 

  • 15:00  Award presentation 

  • 18:00  Closing of the meeting

Braced with one heart

We are a great team

    Looking back is to reach the farther distance, summarizing is to accumulate strength for starting again, and looking forward is to set up new directions and goals for themselves. At the conference, the leaders of the General Manager's Office summarized the highlights of the company in 2022 and the development and achievements of various departments, but also pointed out shortcomings and put forward requirements. At the same time, according to the new market environment and the integrated digital model, the development direction and incentive policy of the company in 2023 are clearly planned.

Gather new ideas, forge a new journey

New starting point, new leap, new blueprint

Born to the ocean and set out anew

The fifth anniversary Award

Long road dedicated to the distance, rivers converge into the ocean. Five years, more than a thousand days and nights, they use their youth to write the company's shining waves day by day, their hard work to promote the emerging corporate blueprint, thank them for the company's unswerving dedication and adherence, similarly, the company is willing to become a beam of light on their way forward, give them more warmth and strength, Help them write a more wonderful chapter of life!

Talent Scout Award

Spring warms the earth, soft peach and plum add new green. The company's unique heavyweight award: Bole Award, encourage everyone to recommend excellent like-minded talents for the company, walk side by side with the company, common development. In order to thank you for your recognition of the company and your contribution to the development of the company, the company will set up a generous bonus every year to reward and reward all Bole. This brave spirit of Bole is very worthy of recognition and praise.

A man who finds talent is a man who knows what he knows

Awards of Excellence and promotions

The conference summarized and commended the 2022 sales crown season, excellent employees, excellent teams and excellent promoters emerging in 2022, greatly affirming everyone's efforts, and thanked everyone for their active responsibility and dedication to the development of the company.


The company has its own trade union organization, the original intention is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, to provide employees with life and work help, and then increase the cohesion of the enterprise. Dedication is a rainbow cast with love, colorful, will bring others warmth and happiness. They are willing to travel for a beam of light. The union itself is a warm word, a goodwill gesture. All union members voluntarily serve everyone, and this dedication is worthy of recognition and commendation from the company.


Union Member of the Year 2022

At the conference, the president of the 2023 Trade union also made plans and goals for the work of the New Year, and led the trade union to continue to carry forward the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism, pioneering and innovative, solidarity and cooperation, aiming at enhancing the happiness of all employees and making unremitting efforts to create a harmonious and loving team.


Union members of the Year 2023

From trust, loyalty to win-win. 

Keep up, the future can be. 

Across the mountains and seas, finally see the dawn. 

The vast stars, battle and voyage!

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